Which Type Of Hypnotherapy

Which type of Hypnotherapy Should You Learn?


This can be a BIG problem for many people looking to study hypnotherapy and hypnosis – and a problem that many discover too late.

When most people think of learning hypnosis and hypnotherapy, they assume it is about learning how to put someone to sleep and give hypnotic suggestions (like they see with Stage Hypnosis & TV entertainers like Paul Mckenna and Derren Brown), saying,

“You will feel confident, relaxed and happy” when you wake up.

OR providing nice, relaxing guided visualisations and the like. 

All of that IS an important part of learning hypnosis – but it is only a part of it.

What if the persons mind rejects the suggestions?

What if they can’t visualise?

What if their beliefs are too strong?

Of the 1000’s of clients I have helped over the past 23 years or more, MANY, MANY of them have already been to see another hypnotherapist – but reported that ‘it didn’t work’. And when I ask what happened in the session, the answer is nearly always the same:

“The hypnotherapist relaxed me and spoke to me but I wasn’t really hypnotised; it all felt very nice but I still felt the same afterwards.”

There is a REASON for this and it has NOTHING to do with clients being unresponsive or resistant or unhypnotiseable; it is to do with a lack of understanding of what NEEDS to happen for a client to truly enter hypnosis and overcome their problem.

Many students  discover this too late; they have a folder full of scripts and visualisations and a Diploma certificate saying they are qualified but really they have only just scratched the surface.

I do cover this in my training but it is really Kindergarten stuff. You have to know it and you do use it – but your ability to really help people – and therefore your success in private practice or wherever you choose to use it – will increase dramatically when you have a comprehensive knowledge of how to assist with any problem, using a variety of techniques.

So back to the question, Which Type Of Hypnotherapy Should You Learn? My answer would be “All Of It”.

Suggestion, Visualisation, Regression, Hypnoanalysis, Hypnotic CBT, Hypno-coaching, NLP, Parts Therapy and much, much more.

That is why I say this training is ‘Complete’.

If you have any questions on this please do just ask.

With best wishes,

Andrew Parr – Director Of Training


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