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Testimonials From Previous Students

A Life-Changing...Priceless Experience


Andrew is so knowledgeable and delivers the information with a lot of ease.

Shanell Vaughn, Shambala Healing

Enrolling on Andrew’s Professional Hypnotherapy course is the best decision I have ever made.
Not only have I learned a skill I can use as a career, but I have also transformed as a person, profoundly. The nervous, low self esteem me has been replaced with the confident, balanced, and grounded me. I now view the world in a whole new light!

I’ve loved every minute of the course and will be sad to see it end, I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Andrew is a brilliant teacher and hypnotherapist, a true master of the mind.

Sarah Broad ( Student on the 2013 Diploma Training)

Hi Andrew, I hope you are well.

Just thought to write you a note to tell you that I had my first ever proper ‘client/model’ yesterday and it went really well. He has been out of work on depression leave for 6 months, has seen a psychotherapist for 14 weeks, and when we finish the session he said he got more of that just one session with me than his previous 14!!!

I am very happy ! With much gratitude,

Clara Zapata

A massive thank you for everything you've given me over the past 8 months or so. Of course, the hypnotherapy skills will change my life but the understanding & support you gave me with my personal situation saved my life!!! Thank you.

To dearest Andrew, I think I speak for us all when I say THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I have benefited immensely. Your easy manner, passion, and competence is second to none. With fondest regards from Sarah. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Sarah (2017 Student)

I’ve learned loads and it has completely changed my life in every way.


The stuff he knows is unbelievable.


To a phenomenal teacher, who has taught me more than I ever expected! Keep up the good work & we are all behind you with the 20,000 Live


I have no words to express my gratitude. You're the best and I'm glad to have an opportunity to know you. Success!!


Thank you Andrew, for sharing your knowledge with us. It's a privilege to learn it from you.


Thank you for such a fantastic educational and transformational experience!


I use what I've learned every day and it's making a genuine difference.


So much I have learned, so much about myself and how the mind works.


I have no words for I feel they would fall short, Andrew, apart from Thank You so much. Legend.


Thank you Andrew for all of the fantastic teaching, information and help.


Thank you Andrew!!! It has been inspirational to watch you work and feel very grateful that you have chosen to share your knowledge. Truly life changing experience.


I really appreciate so many things about this course. The content, the coursework, the "staff, the vibe and if it's true that the fish stinks from the head down, the reverse must also be true...So many thanks 🙂


He is a master basically. Words escape me, the guy is so good.


I learned a tremendous amount and found it very enjoyable.


Thank you Andrew for a fantastic and transforming experience.


Andrew Thank you for your time, knowledge & patience. It's been emotional!


Thank you for closing my eyes, taking me on the longest journey in the shortest time and helping me open them in a world of peace and completeness. Always in your debt.


Thank you Andrew for the most incredible and transforming experience of my life. I will never be the same again!!! Keep transforming lives!!!


Thank you Andrew, I have enjoyed this course so much, my life won't be the same. I hate to think of not learning so much each month.


Hi Andrew, Thank you so much for taking the time to pass on your knowledge. I have enjoyed the course very much. Thanks for the cake too!


My life will never be the same! 'Thank you' doesnt feel sufficient for what I have gained from the experience.


Thank you Andrew, Thank you.


Life-changing in so many ways. Thanks so much.


Dear Andrew, many, many thanks.


Thanks Andrew for a truly life-changing experience.


Dear Andrew, thanks so much for giving us all this amazing opportunity. You have helped set my life rolling in the direction I have wanted for such a long time. Thank you again.


Thank you so much for a great course.


Thanks Andrew, I'm ready to look you in the eye!


Dear Andrew, Thanks for such a wonderful course and I have benefited greatly.


Dear Andrew, thank you for an amazingly interesting, mind-bending 9 months.


To Andrew, Thanks so much! Really enjoyed your course (even the coursework).


Andrew, thank you for all you have taught me and your on-going support. I've loved ... every second of it!


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