Question …

The most common question I’ve been asked is …

“Will I be running this course next year as well?”

The answer is almost certainly … “No”.

At least not in this way.

I tend to do these things once only and put everything into it when I do.

So this is it.

Here’s the offer …

[list style=”Check1green”]

  • I am going to take you on as part of a group of people who are interested in learning how to become experts in the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
  • I am going to spend time with you, teach you, mentor you & encourage you.
  • I am going to share experiences with you, help expand the way you think,  support you wholeheartedly and be there to overcome every single challenge with you.
  • I’m going to let you work on REAL clients (nobody else does this) instead of endlessly practising on each other.
  • I am going to share every ounce of knowledge and insight I can muster, with no holds barred for you.
  • And when you’ve completed the course in a little over 12 months from now, I’ll hand you a certificate and look you in the eye as an equal.
  • THEN … I’ll do everything within my influence to help you set up or expand in business, and continue to support you.
  • PLUS … I’ll be able to refer clients onto you, and STILL be there for you, as well.
  • 126  Hours Of Classroom Tuition In The Professional Use Of Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis
  • Easy To Understand Theory & Practice With No Previous Experience Required
  • My complete Unique Hypnosis System Developed Over 20 Years Of Private Practice
  • Plus much, much more …[/list]

You’ll be a qualified, registered Hypnotherapy Practitioner, accredited by the GHR and able to be listed on the Hypnotherapy Section of the Governments new website for the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).

But MORE than that, you’ll possess one of the greatest gifts I can ever imagine.

If you want in, enrol now to guarantee your place and take advantage of the price offers still available for a few more days …

Enrol Now

 With best wishes,

Andrew Parr Hypnotherapy Trainer Sig

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