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Diploma In Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

(Also Includes Elements Of Psychotherapy, Life Coaching & Counselling!)

"All The Skills & Knowledge You Need To Transform Your Life, With A Rewarding Career Helping Others"

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Andrew Parr, Author of "The Real You", Professional Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, High Performance Coach & Personal Transformation Expert, With Nearly 30 Years Experience.

Hello & Welcome!

Does The Idea Of Helping Others Transform Their Lives, Inspire Or Excite You?

Would You Like To Learn The BEST, Most Effective Treatments Available ... Without Waiting Years Before You Get To Help Someone?

Are You Interested In Running Your Own Successful Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Coaching or Counselling Business?

If you can answer 'yes' to any or all of those ... this is for you!

At the Andrew Parr Academy we are looking for people like you who have the strong desire to deliver a high quality service to a wide range of clients ... and be at the forefront of a new approach to mental healthcare and personal development, that has been described as ...

 "Probably the kindest, quickest and most effective form of personal therapy available".

Why Become An Andrew Parr Academy Trained Professional Practitioner?

  • Enormous Job Satisfaction Making A Real Difference To Peoples Lives Every Day.

  • Become Financially Independant Working The Hours You Want When You Want.

  • Acquire The Skills And Knowledge To Help Transform People's Lives

  • Always Work Available In Wide Range Of Interesting Areas.

  • Be At The Cutting Edge Of Personal Development & Mental Healthcare

  • Be Part Of A More Positive Future For The World

The OLD Way ...

Until now people have had to make a difficult choice when trying to resolve their issues, bouncing between counsellors, psychotherapists, life coaches or traditional hypnotherapists, to name a few ...

... often spending years looking for the treatment or method that will finally help them.

And for anyone wishing to enter this field as a practitioner ... there has always been the same dilemma - which type of training to do?

But not any more ...

The NEW Way ...

At the Andrew Parr Academy we believe YOU, the practitioner should be equipped with ALL the skills necessary to be able to adapt to the clients needs ...

... so that you no longer have to decide which type of training to do ...

... and potential clients no longer need to decide which type of practitioner to seek help from.

People can seek you out, knowing you provide the BEST possible service available, able to help them bring about lasting and meaningful change, often in just a few hours of treatment.

Introducing ...

"ONE Complete Certification - ONE Complete Practitioner"

Diploma In Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

(Includes Combining Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching & Counselling!)

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**NEW** "LIVE" Online Training Starts November 18th 2020

And then every Wednesday* - 10 am to 1 pm UK time - for six months, delivered live online via Zoom

Every session will be recorded and available soon afterwards so no worry if you miss one or need to recap

* Days and times may occasionally be subject to change but plenty of notice will be given

  • The course will take place live, online, over the course of approximately 6 Months, but there is no actual time limit for gaining your diploma - you can take as long as you wish.
  • Once you have successfully passed both the practical and theory elements you will be fully qualified to become a licensed and registered practitioner.
  • No experience is required, just a desire to learn and to make a difference to people's lives.
  • You will learn the basics right up to how to run a successful business to earn a flexible income either full time or part time seeing clients, in person or online, as well as running group events, workshops and retreats if you wish.
  • Throughout the course, you will also get to work on your own issues, and our aim is to help you build your own self-confidence so you are able to achieve your full potential, and thereby help others achieve theirs.

You will learn the most effective forms of Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis ... PLUS how to combine this with ...

  • Counselling Skills
  • Psychotherapy Techniques
  • NLP Tools
  • Life Coaching Strategies
  • And so much more ...

You will be able to offer a wide range of services to a wide range of people ... whilst delivering a bespoke treatment every single time.

Is This Course Suitable For You?

  • You would like to understand how your mind really works so that you can use it to help yourself and others lead more rewarding and fulfilling lives?
  • You are keen to gain the skills and knowledge to help people overcome personal, emotional and habitual problems ... or achieve their goals more effectively, while you feel you are doing something incredibly worthwhile with your life and your time?
  • You want to feel confident in your abilities, and become an expert, go-to person in your field, gaining a strong reputation and respect?
  • You have a strong desire to transform your own life or career, with a more rewarding and satisfying one helping others?

Which of these best describes your current situation?

  • I am a complete beginner - though have had an interest in this for a while - and want to take the right course to help me achieve my goals.
  • I have some therapeutic training and want to enhance my skills and confidence, so that I can get even better results, and build my business to a higher level.
  • I have already completed hypnotherapy training elsewhere - but feel I need a more thorough training to give me the skills and confidence to be able to finally put it into practice and build a successful income.

"Your Life Experience Is Probably Your Greatest Asset."

Whilst we appreciate that you may or may not have prior experience or qualifications, at the Andrew Parr Academy we are mostly interested in (a) your life experience and (b) your desire to help people make a difference - everything else we can teach you.

You will discover everything you need to be able to:

  • Help people overcome a wide range of personal, emotional and behavioural problems ... or achieve goals ... even if you have no prior skills or experience..
  • Establish a full or part-time practice, charging a professional fee for a professional service.
  • Be able to work where you want and when you want ... you decide.
  • Run your own business.
  • Offer courses, retreats and workshops (if you wish!) either privately or within organisations.
  • Create digital products or services (if you wish) to enhance your offering or sell for further income.
  • Or ... do all this simply for interest and personal development.

Many people studying with us have already gained skills in Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, coaching, counselling, NLP, Reiki, healing, body work, CBT, EMDR, etc, and wish to build on that to finally become more successful ...

And many others who have done previous hypnotherapy training, but do not yet feel they have all the skills to help the people in the way they would like, discover that we will help them to fill in the gaps, and finally build their confidence, practical skills and business.

As one of our practitioners, you will be able to:

  • Enhance your current offering and widen your reach to more clients
  • Achieve deeper and more lasting results with your current work ... and usually more quickly
  • Develop your practitioner skills and confidence in your abilities
  • Build greater self worth and belief in yourself
  • Kick start your business if you have been procrastinating
  • Accelerate your business if already practising
  • Finally have the kind of business and practice you have often dreamed of
  • Become even more of an expert in your field
  • Allow your reputation and demand for your services to expand

What Sort Of Areas Will I Be Able To Help People With?

When you can help someone transform how they think, feel or behave, you can have an impact on pretty much ANY area of someone's life.

Here are some of the most common areas, we get asked to assist with:

  • Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Confidence and Self-Esteem.

    Many problems that people face will be owing to low self worth and anxiety. As one of our certified practitioners, you will be able to help people overcome fears, phobias & panic attacks, reduce anxiety and increase self-worth and self-esteem, at the root cause level.

  • Eating Issues such as Comfort Eating, Binge Eating & Purging, as well as general Weight Loss.

    People overeat or comfort eat because of the way they are thinking and feeling. As one of our certified practitioners you will be able to help people change how they think and feel around food, so that their behaviour will change accordingly. A lot of people need help in this area.

  • Habits, such as Stopping Smoking, Biting Nails and Hair Pulling.

    Many behaviours are simply unconscious, conditioned responses to stress or life triggers. When you can help someone change how they respond, or make different choices, at the unconscious level, they can let go of old habits and destructive behaviours more easily.

  • Boosting Performance such as Public Speaking, Presentations, Sports & Stage.

    Speaking in public, delivering presentations and elite performance in sport or on stage, all require levels of confidence and self-belief. As one of certified practitioners you will be able to help anybody who is either struggling with nerves, or who wants to fine tune their performance.

  • Life-Style Changes including Stress Reduction, Depression & Post-Natal.

    When life gets too much, our mind and body have a way of telling us and, as one of certified practitioners, you will be able to help people reduce stress and depression, and make the necessary lifestyle changes required to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

  • Overcoming childhood problems and trauma.

    So many of the issues we experience in adulthood have their roots in childhood problems and trauma. As one of our certified practitioners, you will be able to help people access and deal with them at the root cause level, so that people can finally be free.

  • Working with children & teenagers

    With more and more awareness of the suffering that many children and teens go through, there is a growing demand for help in this area. As one of our certified practitioners you will be able to assist children and teenagers with a wide range of areas, from bullying, nightmares and anxiety … through to exam stress, family relations and other mental health related issues.

  • Hypnotic Pain Relief, IBS & Other Physical Ailments.

    Whilst we cannot make any claims about cures, it is well known that the mind is capable of having a powerful effect on many physical conditions. As one of our certified practitioners, you will be able to apply a number of natural hypnotic pain relief techniques, as well as be skilled in a selection of psycho-biological interventions, to assist with conditions such as IBS and similar.

  • Relationships, Sexual & Intimacy

    How we think, feel and behave obviously has an enormous impact on our relationships, sex and intimacy. As one of certified practitioners, you will be able to help people tackle a wide range of issues in this area, including sexual problems, dysfunctional relationships and fear of intimacy.

  • Achieving Goals ... In Work, Sports, Stage or Life

    Whilst many of your skills will be used to help overcome problems, they can also be used to help people achieve positive aims and goals.

    Promotions at work, competing for fun, taking on challenges … or anything to get from (A) to (B) in life, will require positive mental focus … and you will be able to assist with that.

* Image for display purposes only - all information is delivered online.

"This Course Will Give You ALL The Skills & Qualifications You Need To Become A Fully Certified Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Practitioner ... and so much more, including Enhanced Coaching, Transformational Counselling & Psychotherapy Using Natural Hypnosis."

What Type Of Therapeutic Techniques Will I Learn?

You Will Learn A Wide Range of Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Techniques ... Plus How To Integrate Them With More Conventional Interventions

  • Hypnotic Suggestion & Clinical Hypnosis

  • Hypno-Analysis/Analytical Hypnosis

  • Age Regression Hypnosis

  • “Past Life” Regression

  • Visualisation Hypnosis

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

  • Hypnotic CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

  • Hypno-Coaching

  • Andrew Parr "Metaphormosis" Technique

  • Andrew Parr Deep Transformation Method

  • Andrew Parr "E.S.C.A.P.E." Method

  • Andrew Parr "3 Levels Deep" Technique

  • How To Do An Instant "3-2-1 Analysis"

  • The Andrew Parr "Mind The GAP" Technique

  • And so much more ...

Here is a sample of some of the lessons ...

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

This is essentially what most other courses will teach you, and is the fairly standard, mainstream approach to hypnotherapy and hypnosis.

This Solution Focused Therapy will enable you to interview the client, induce and deepen hypnosis, deliver suggestions in hypnosis and return the client to a normal level of awareness.

Great for breaking habits, building self-worth and self-esteem and positive reinforcement of ideas.

Analytical Hypnotherapy & Hypno-Analysis

This is essentially what most other courses will rarely teach you ... yet mastery of this will enable you to create many more deep and profound results for yourself and your clients.

Instead of purely focussing on symptoms, this will enable you to interview the client, induce and deepen hypnosis, and then trace symptoms and problems back to their originating causes, to bring about deep and permanent release of issues, at the root cause level.

With this process, very often, even life-long traumas can be resolved in a just a few hours of treatment.

Andrew Parr Deep Transformation Method

This is Andrew's own unique method of personal transformation, developed over 26 years of private practice, and draws on elements of clinical hypnosis, hypno-analysis and a variety of other interventions.

By combining a mixture of approaches in this way, you will be able to help uncover and resolve underlying causes, and help instill new and more positive ideas and behaviours - usually in a relatively brief period of time.

This means you will be offering one of the most effective forms of personal therapy available.

Essentials of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Many people use NLP as a stand alone treatment but, at the Andrew Parr Academy, we feel it is usually best suited when combined with other forms of therapy.

You will learn the key essentials of NLP, understand what it is, when we suggest you might use it and discover how to integrate it naturally with other hypnotherapy and psychotherapy approaches.

Hypnotherapy With Counselling

Many people seeking the help of a counsellor primarily need someone to talk to, someone to be able to open up to, someone to discuss personal issues with, free of judgement and who can offer them some perspective.

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, very often you will be playing the role of a counsellor and we will teach you how to combine it with Natural Hypnosis so that you can offer a more complete form of Counselling Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy With Psychotherapy

Many people seeking the help of a psychotherapist are wanting to discuss and understand why they feel the way they do, what may have happened in the past to cause their issues, and what they can do to find a resolution and move on.

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, very often you will be playing the role of a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, using Natural Hypnosis to help people get to the root of their issues more efficiently and more effectively than traditional methods, and we will teach you how to do this.

Hypnotherapy With C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

C.B.T. is a popular form of therapy nowadays that can be extremely beneficial for helping people change how they think (cognitive) and act (behavioural). However, it does have limitations with the more emotional or engrained issues.

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, you will be able to apply the principles of C.B.T but enhance them with Natural Hypnosis, by helping to uncover and resolve any areas of resistance to change, whilst boosting and enhancing any areas where there is openness to change.

Enhanced Life Coaching With Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Life Coaching is becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people are keen to focus on their personal development. But as it gets more popular, more and more people will be training to be Life Coaches, flooding the market.

The trick to success is to ALWAYS find an edge, to be able to offer that little bit more than what the average are doing.

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, you will be able to help in the same way that a Life Coach would - helping people set challenges, work towards their goals and facing fears and limitations head on, and so on, but enhancing it with Natural Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis.

Plus many, many more ...

Here's What You Get When You Join:

  • 70+ Hours Of LIVE Online, Interactive, Guided Learning With Andrew Parr So You Get A Full & Complete, Immersive Training

    This course will give you 70+ hours of direct, live, interactive, online training with Andrew Parr, plus more than 120 hours of pre-recorded guided learning, with further self directed study giving a full diploma structure of at least 450 hours of total study time, so you get a full and deep knowledge.

  • Regular Supervised Online Practice Sessions To Help You Gain Practical Experience & Confidence

    Drop into to our regular online supervised practice sessions, via zoom, where you’ll get to meet fellow students, feedback on the practical side and really bring the course to life!

  • Practitioner Level Diploma In Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis - So You Can Be Fully Insured & Certified To Set Up In Private Practice

    This is a complete certified training, covering all the Learning Outcomes of the National Occupation Standards for Hypnotherapy, plus also giving you Transformational Counselling skills, Enhanced Coaching Skills, Psychotherapy with Hypnosis skills, and Hypnosis CBT skills …

  • 120+ Hours Of Further Self-Guided Learning Including Videos, MP3's & Practical Exercises

    This course provides the full diploma structure of at least 450 hours of total study time, of which at least 120 hours are guided learning, so you get a full and deep knowledge.

  • Private VIP Facebook Community Where You Get Answers To ALL Your Questions

    With access to our very own private, VIP members only facebook community, there is always someone on hand to answer a question, provide reassurance or arrange a practice session with.

  • Downloadable Printable Training Manual So You Can Study & Revise In Your Own Time

    Whilst all the material is delivered online, you can also download and print the manual, module by module so that you can also study offline as well, in your own time and comfort.

  • Back Catalog Of 40+ Interactive Webinars On Specialist Topics

    Every month we run a free, live, interactive webinar on a variety of specialist topics and you will get access to the entire back catalog, including working with alcohol, addictions, sexual problems, tinnitus, eating disorders and more … so that you can continuously increase your knowledge and widen your skillset

  • Collection Of Specialist Training Modules To Enhance Your Knowledge & Boost Your Success

    Take a deep dive into some of the most common areas that people seek help with, and really deepen your knowledge with these specialist training modules, so that you feel confident and successful.

  • Back Catalog of 25+ Video Recordings Of Complete Client Sessions

    Watch complete session recordings of Andrew working live with clients, so you can see and hear all the tools and techniques in action. This will deepen your understanding of the process and help further develop your skills and confidence.

  • Full Student Support So You Feel Looked After & Taken Care Of - Both During & After Completion

    You are never alone and we are here to help – whether by our student support team, coursework assistance supervisor or our body of fellow students and graduates. Help and support is always at hand.

And here are some of the amazing Specialist Topic Modules also covered in this course ...

Specialist Topic #1: Successful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, you will be able to help people work on their weight loss goals - developing new approaches to eating and food behaviours, whilst also resolving any underlying emotional elements that had been sabotaging.

Specialist Topic #2: Complete Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, you will be able to help people with breaking habits habits such as Stopping Smoking. The same skills and knowledge will also transfer across to other habitual behaviours, including some addictions.

Specialist Topic #3: Natural Hypnosis For Pain Relief & Physical Ailments

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, you will be able to help people with natural hypnotic pain relief and the symptomatic easing of certain physical ailments.

Specialist Topic #4: Working With Children & Teenagers

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, you will be able to help children and teenagers deal with a wide range of issues, from fears and nightmares, through exam nerves and life pressure. These methods are typically effective from children from about 7 -8 and upwards.

Specialist Topic #5: Past life Regression & Metaphysical Hypnosis

Whatever your personal beliefs, it is always important to respect the beliefs of the clients and sometimes things happen that appear to go beyond the everyday and normal.

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, you will know how to carry out a Past Life Regression if someone asks, or be able to manage what happens if a client seems to slip into one of these spontaneously. These can be quite fascinating experiences to witness!

Specialist Topic #6: Introduction to Ericksonian Therapy & The Metaphormosis Technique

Many people spend years studying Milton Erickson but in this module we will distill many of his teachings down into a simple useable approach that you can use to great effect in a variety of ways.

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, you will also learn Andrews own "Metaphormosis" technique, which takes the use of therapeutic metaphors to another level.

Specialist Topic #7: Parts Therapy With Natural Hypnosis

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, you will also learn Andrews own way of using traditional "Parts Therapy" in the Natural Hypnosis state.

This means you will be able to help people who feel pulled in different directions, disconnected or are battling with themselves, be able to resolve inner conflicts, and feel more whole and integrated.

Specialist Topic #8: Inner Child Therapy With Natural Hypnosis

As an Andrew Parr Certified Practitioner, you will also learn Andrews own adaptation of classic "Inner Child Therapy. Combining this with Natural Hypnosis has liberated thousands of people from often deeply rooted issues, often in a single session.

Specialist Topic #9: Accessing The Raw Emotive Content & Expressing The Unexpressed

This is one of Andrew's most transformational discoveries, adapted from other classic hypnotherapy techniques, this will enable you to "reach the parts that other therapies just cannot reach", as one client put it.

Specialist Topic #10: Hand-Crafting Suggestions, Affirmations & Mantras That Actually Work

Instead of reading generic scripts or asking clients to repeat standard Positive Thinking styled affirmations that often feel like lies, as one of Andrew Parr's licensed practitioners you will be able to help each client create incredibly personal, powerful and effective statements that, when read or delivered, hit the transformation spot every time, allowing the client to create deep and lasting change, often in a few hours, or minutes even.

Plus many more ...

  • Background theory and knowledge in each specific topic.

  • Detailed understanding of its relevance to working with clients.

  • Video/live demonstrations of the techniques being used on real clients.

  • Step-by-step instructions on how you can apply that knowledge practically with your own clients.

  • Practice exercises to help you convert theory into experience.

  • Case histories and examples for you to study and learn from.

  • Home-study research and exercises to further your knowledge.

25+ Complete Client Session Recordings So You Can Watch & Learn Along:

40+ Specialist Topic Webinars So You Can Enhance Your Knowledge:

What's It Like Studying With Andrew?

"I think Andrew has a gift for teaching. I met quite a few people who run courses and by far he's the most gifted and the most interesting and the most knowledgeable one."

Liviu Tipurita
BAFTA Nominated TV & Film Director/Producer (& now Hypnotherapist!)

"Thank you for my certificate and thank you ... for your wonderful teaching and support for this course. I’ve really enjoyed learning and can’t thank you enough!!!"

Mary English
Hensley Healing Practice (Online Diploma Student)

Taught By Author & Top UK Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Personal Transformation Expert & High Performance Coach - Andrew Parr - With Nearly Thirty Years Experience, This Course Is Suitable For Both Beginners AND as CPD For Those Wishing To Expand Their Knowledge ...

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Bonus Extras #1 - Successful Private Practice.

12 Step Audio Programme & Workbook To Help You Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be - Launch Your Business & Get More Clients!

Bonus Extras #2 - Transform Your Life

6-Part Online Personal Development Course To Help You Build Confidence and Belief In Yourself, So That You Can Break Free Of Limitations & Become The Person You Are Capable of Being.


Plus more added every month ...

What does it all cost?

LIFETIME ACCESS To Andrew Parr Complete Practitioner Diploma Includes: 

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis  - Value £2495

Hypno-Analysis/Regression Hypnosis - Value £2695

Andrew Parr Deep Transformation Method - Value £4995

Essentials Of N.L.P. - Value £995

Enhanced Life Coaching Skills - Value £995

Transformational Counselling Skills - Value £795

Psychotherapy In Hypnosis - Value £495

40+ Easy Reference Specialist Topic Webinars - Value £1495

Access To Private Facebook Support Community - Value £397

Catalog of 25+ Full Session Client Demo Videos - Value £Priceless!

"Successful Private Practice" Audio Programme - Value £197

"Transform Your Life" Personal Development Course - Value £297

Total Value Purchased Separately = £15,851

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Have A Few Questions?

  • q-iconHow Will You Get The Practical Experience?

    Getting the practical experience is much easier than people think.

    First you will gain practical experience online during many of the teaching sessions.

    Next you will gain valuable practical experience during your regular online supervised practice sessions, with fellow students.

    As we teach you how to do the basics, you will then be able practice with friends and family or volunteers – you’ll be amazed at how many people say, “Hypnosis? Really? Yes please!!”

    As you progress you can arrange extra practice sessions online with other students via our Buddy system. Or arrange a local meet-up – just look for someone near you on our student map and arrange a get-together – these really help ease the nerves.

    Then as your confidence grows, you can practice on external volunteers, possibly even charging a token fee, to get used to receiving payment.

    Finally, when you are qualified, you will then be ready to go.

  • q-iconWhat Organisation Can You Join On Completion?

    On successful completion of this course you will be eligible to join independent organisations such as the  ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors Coaches Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists) or the Professional Hypnotherapy Network (PHN).

  • q-iconWhat Qualification Will You Receive?

    On successful completion of the course you will receive a Diploma In Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis (Practitioner Level). You will be able to obtain Private Student Insurance whilst training and Full Practitioner Insurance Once Qualified.

  • q-iconWhat Is The Accreditation?

    This course is accredited by the Andrew Parr Association (APA), The Association Of Counsellors. Coaches, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists (ACCPH) & UK Hypnotherapy Council (UKHC).

    There are no statutory accreditations in Hypnotherapy, only voluntary ones,  but this course covers ALL the voluntary National Occupation Standards for Hypnotherapy.

This Live, Online, Fully Interactive Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Practitioner Diploma Course Will Give You The Confidence You Need To Set Up In Practice & Help Others.

  • Use your skills effectively at a Practitioner Level to expertly help people overcome a wide variety of problems or challenges, or achieve goals in their everyday life.

  • Successfully set up in business as a self-employed Professional Hypnotherapist, or expand your existing work, to enable you to generate a full or part-time, regular, high-level income.

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