Hypnosis On The Train

Hypnosis On The Train

Here’s an amusing but useful impromptu demonstration of Hypnosis that I gave on the train a while ago …

I’d just finished a long day at my Harley Street Clinic and had grabbed a sandwich to eat on the train on my way home. It was about 9 pm.

As I sat down, 3 other chaps sat down a few seats behind me on the other side of the aisle.

One had obviously been drinking heavily and had severe  Рand very LOUD Рhiccups!

I ignored it at first, but it was so loud I eventually decided to put down my sandwich and go and sort it out.

When I introduced myself and offered to assist, he was dismissive at first, but one of his companions urged him to, “Go on, have a go”.

He reluctantly agreed so, as the train pulled out of the station, with a carriage full of passengers watching with interest, I ran through my “Instant Hiccups Cure” routine.

It takes about 45 seconds under normal conditions, but when someone has been drinking, I usually repeat it to make sure it gets through.

(Yes, this goes against all the ‘rules’ that say you can’t hypnotise someone who is drunk – but take it from me, you can).

Anyway, I finished the routine, sent him back to his seat and I went and finished my sandwich.

I could hear mutterings and laughter from the three companions behind me but … no hiccups!

5 mins later – still no hiccups.

10 mins later – still no hiccups.

A few mins after that, our drunk ex-hiccup-er wobbled over to thank me, and then sat down again.

A few minutes after that, his companion, the one who had urged him to “Go on, have a go”, came over, apologised for interrupting, and said …

“I’m sorry, but I have to ask, How the hell did you do that?”

He went on to explain that he had always been sceptical of mind tricks, hypnosis etc, etc, but he’d just seen it in ¬†front of his own eyes.

We had a pleasant chat, I explained a little about the process and he went away a changed person – by that I mean changed perspective.

20 minutes after the treatment, which lasted a little under 2 minutes, they all got off the train, still hiccup free.

I continued my journey in peace.

A few days later, I was at a local concert when a stranger came up to me and said, “You’re the one who hypnotised that chap on the train”. Again, quick pleasant chat and another ‘convert’ to the power of the human mind.

And in case you are wondering, the answer is YES, I will be teaching this on the course – and I don’t know anybody else who teaches this.

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Hope you can join me.

Enrolment is here …

With best wishes,

Andrew Parr


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