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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How long is the training course?

    A.The full certification will usually take about 12 months, but you can take as long as you wish to complete it, or indeed “fast-track” if you prefer.

  • Q.Is this course complete or is it in stages where I have to do another stage and another?

    A.The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Course is one complete course.

  • Q.What type of certification will you be giving to students?

    A.On successful completion of the course students will receive a Certificate In Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis direct from us at PHHT plus we will submit your portfolio to the NCH (National Council For Hypnotherapy) where you will be awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD).

  • Q.Is there a national accrediting body and will your program be accredited?

    A.There are no national accrediting bodies, but there are some large organisations. Successful completion of this course will lead to membership of the NCH (National Council For Hypnotherapy) via the Individual Portfolio Route, which will then entitle you to join the CNHC and will allow eligibility for membership of sister organisations around the world.

    This training will also get you accreditation & membership with an international organisation that has over 6000 members. This will grant you insurance to practice in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Ireland. For other countries please ask and we will check for you.

  • Q.Will the course enable me to advance my career through widely accepted professional institutions?

    A.There are no ‘widely accepted professional institutions’ for hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapists typically set up in private practice or work as self-employed consultants.

  • Q.Is there an insurance that would secure me and my assets?

    A.Yes. You can be insured for both Public Liability & Professional Indemnity.

  • Q.Is there a standard consent/release form you use?

    A.Yes. I will provide copies for you.

  • Q.Do you have to attain some spiritual level/capability before you become a successful hypnotherapist?

    A.No, anyone can learn this. We do however strongly advise undergoing sessions of hypnotherapy yourself as part of your ongoing training.

  • Q.Will people believe in me as a Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis expert?

    A.Yes. As you start to believe in yourself, others will believe in you. This will increase as you practice and start to get results. The training will also help you with this specifically.

  • Q.What are the scientific basis and proofs supporting hypnosis?

    A.There is a great deal of documented research into hypnosis, from medical to stress to sports to business and it is probably the kindest, quickest and most effective form of personal therapy available. There is nothing magical and all the results achieved are entirely predictable and repeatable.

  • Q.How will I get the practical experience?

    A.In the early stages you will be able to practice online with fellow students using our “Skype-Buddy” system or local meet-ups. Plus there will be plenty of volunteers amongst your friends, family and acquaintances when you tell people what you are doing. We will tell you exactly how to practice safely.

    Later you may wish to book one-to-one sessions with an experienced hypnotherapist to gain first hand client experience, or attend our classroom practice & supervision days.

  • Q.Sounds really Interesting - what is the time commitment?

    A.Each module requires about 1o hours work in total, including practicing, but you can study at your own pace and work it around your lifestyle, so the time commitment is up to you. Further reading and research is required on top of this, as an integral part of the training.

  • Q.Can I administer the course myself or do I need help?

    A.You can administer the course yourself but we will also provide lots of help and support if you want or need it.

  • Q.Will the training be relevant in any country?

    A.The training is valid for insurance in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia , New Zealand, & Ireland. For other countries please ask and we will check.

  • Q.Do I need to be a certified hypnotist?

    A.Actually no. There is no legal requirement to be certified but it is highly recommended that you do so, for your own protection and for your clients safety and wellbeing.

  • Q.What are the risks involved to me personally?

    A.If accredited and insured there are no risks to you personally.

  • Q.What is the cost of insurance?

    A.It varies from country to country but a typical fee is £50/$50 – £100/$100 per year. Student insurance is also available whilst studying.

  • Q.What are the rules surrounding this profession and confidentiality of client info?

    A.It is the same as for any medical or healing profession – e.g.  100% confidentiality unless there is strong reason to believe the client may cause harm to him/herself or another. There are protocols for this.

  • Q.Will this course prepare me to handle any and all prospective customers without messing up the session?

    A.Yes. If you follow the guidelines we teach you cannot mess up. But the more you practice, the better you get at handling all clients and customers.

  • Q.Will this course make me fully competent and confident?

    A.Yes. This is an in-depth, detailed training and will prepare you to feel competent and confident in any situation. The course will give you step by step instructions and as you practice more and more, your confidence will increase.

  • Q.Can You Really Learn Online?

    A.Yes. The course will give you everything you need, online, and is designed to be as close as possible to a classroom setting. You will also have access to Private Facebook group and regular Live webinars for interaction, plus the opportunity to attend classroom practice and supervision days.

  • Q.How will I make money & how soon?

    A.Hypnotherapists typically earn £50/$50 to £150/$150 per hour or more for their services and you will be able to do the same. We will show you how to get clients, how to advertise at a profit and how to handle the money.  You will be able to begin earning within a few months of starting the course if you wish but will only be able to charge full fees once qualified.

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