Introduction To Erickson Hypnosis & The Metaphormosis Technique

"Add To Your Skills ... Increase Your Confidence ... Boost Your Business"

Discover The Subtle But Powerful Methods Of Milton Erickson And How Can You Use Them To Benefit Yourself & Your Clients

  • Discover Exactly What Ericksonian Hypnosis Is & Why It Can Be So Useful
  • Plus Learn Andrew's Own "Metaphormosis Technique"
  • Find Out Which Methods Work Best & When
  • Learn How To Bypass The Critical Faculty For More Effective Suggestion Therapy.
  • Watch Andrew Work Live With A Client
  • Get A Massive Boost To Your Confidence & Success
  • Add To Your Skills & Increase Your Offering
  • Get A Certificate Of Attendance

Come along to this one day classroom training where you will learn new skills, get to practice on others and watch Andrew working live with a volunteer client

The Details

I believe choosing the right teacher, is as important - if not more important - than choosing the right course.

There are many people who can teach, and teach very well. But I believe it is my job not just to teach you but to trigger something personal within you, to ignite a desire & passion within you ... and then teach and inspire you to use that passion to make a difference in the world.

Andrew Parr, Founder, Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Training
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If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the day you spend with me I will refund your money in full immediately – no questions asked.

Andrew Parr – Founder PHHT (Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Training)

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