IMPORTANT: For anyone interested in hypnotherapy as a career please read below...

Discover Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy Practitioner Foundation Course (Online)

How To Induce Hypnosis & Create Your First Happy 'Client' ... Within Minutes!

Discover how to quickly and easily hypnotise your first volunteer client and give them an immediate positive life change  ...

Are you looking to improve your life with a rewarding career in hypnotherapy, helping others?

Maybe you've been thinking about a career change for a while but haven't known what the first step is ...

Or maybe you've simply been procrastinating.

Whatever the reasons, that's OK, we all go through that at some point.

But when the time is right ...

The solution always appears and I'd like to introduce you to ...

And you can get access TODAY for just...


Yes that’s correct, just £99. This is just about the easiest and most cost effective way you can discover the secrets of hypnosis from a top professional and lay the foundation to starting your own new career.

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Quick & Easy to Learn...Start Right Away.


... Will teach you the basic skills of Hypnosis within minutes and show you how you can immediately start practising on your first subject.

In fact, if you get started right away, you could be working with your first volunteer just 60 minutes from now.

Imagine ...

... How satisfied you will feel when you put your first client into hypnosis, help them improve their life in some way - and get a big “thank you” for the positive results you help them achieve.

Now ... Imagine doing that and getting paid for it as well!

Learn how to do this from an expert ...

I’ve been doing this professionally for more than 25 years - and have carried out over 15,780 one-to-one hypnosis sessions.

Here’s a sample of some of the feedback I get …

“Hi there Andrew. I am completely impressed with the after effect of my session with you…it’s weird!!! It just feels as though this fire has been put out and what would have previously bothered me just hasn’t so far.

What's even better is that I feel much happier in general, I’m not walking about in a state of elation but I just feel happier, that’s all I can say!”

C.A., Teacher, London.

"I took my son to see Andrew with the intention of sorting out a medical phobia. He was amazing. He gently took my son through some very traumatic times and helped to resolve issues going back years.

As a result of this he conquered not only one but several fears in a relatively short amount of time. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done. In the words of my son “he is unbelievably spectacular!”.

Suzanne, Hypnotherapist, Essex

THE DISCOVER HYPNOSIS - HYPNOTHERAPY PRACTITIONER FOUNDATION COURSE, by Andrew Parr, is a simple 5 part programme that will:

  • Help you identify the true cause of anybody’s problems or challenges within minutes – this will shock you and may even explain why so many areas of your own life may have been difficult to conquer until now.

  • Build natural confidence in your ability to perform simple but powerful hypnosis – you’ll be surprised & amazed at how easily you can do this and your friends, family and volunteers will be amazed too.

  • Support You All The Way – You’re not alone and we will be there to support you all the way.

This could be you ...

Here's what people are saying ...

“Hi Andrew I just wanted to say thank you for such a touching, personal and surprising experience with you yesterday. I have felt so much better ever since … I think you have an extraordinary gift”

Vicky, Film Maker, London.

“The whole thing is beautifully put together and the first time I used the methods described my volunteer said it was the most relaxed she had ever felt!

She was going into a new social situation that evening and it was causing her a lot of anxiety. She contacted me the next day to tell me how well it had all gone and how relaxed and comfortable she had felt, and how she had been able to really enjoy the social event rather than dread it.

She was surprised and very grateful, and I was hooked on learning more about the benefits of hypnotherapy!” 

T.K. , Eastbourne

THE DISCOVER HYPNOSIS - HYPNOTHERAPY PRACTITIONER FOUNDATION COURSE is based on my 23 years practical experience as a professional hypnotherapist.

I have successfully used the methods in this course on 1000’s of people - and still do every day.

Here's what you'll get ...

Twelve 5-10 minute training videos

Made by myself, Professional Hypnotherapist Andrew Parr, the videos will uncover the secrets to inducing hypnosis and using it to make positive changes in many, many peoples lives. These videos are delivered online so you can watch them in the comfort of your own home.

Three Hypnosis MP3 recordings

Learn experientially. These recordings will take you through the hypnosis procedure exactly as if you are the subject so you’ll know first hand what it is supposed to feel like.

Five Hypnosis Scripts

Word for word transcripts of what to say to your subject to induce hypnosis, deepen the trance, give positive suggestions and release them at the end.

Complete Course Notes

Each unit has notes that you can read online or download and print from your PC that form a Quick Start Training Manual for easy reference.

Certificate of Completion

On successful completion of the course you will be able to download and print your own Certificate Of Completion.

And yes, you do get it all today for just ...


Yes that’s correct, just £99.

This is just about the easiest and most cost effective way you can discover the secrets of hypnosis from a top professional and lay the foundation to starting your own new career.

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Do Act Now ...

This super low price is only available for the first 100 places. After that the price will go up.

Plus we are only giving away 50 copies of the “100% Confidence Script” so do act quickly.

Once those space are filled and bonus scripts gone, you’ll miss out on getting access at a low price and being able to use the “100% Confidence Script.”

Try It Now Risk Free ...

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100 % Risk Free 60-Day Guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this Discover Hypnosis course return it for 100% refund any time within 60 days of purchase – and you can even keep all the notes, scripts and audios you download.

Andrew Parr



Will give you the skills you need to begin practising hypnosis on friends, family and colleagues and is taught by top hypnotherapist Andrew Parr, who has 23 years & 15,000 client hours of experience.

But do act quickly, the £99 price will go up as soon as the first 100 spaces are filled. Join today No Risk, with our 100% money back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why only £99? +

If you are thinking “Why only £99 … What’s the catch?” here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease.

  1. Choosing a hypnotherapy trainer and a hypnotherapy training course can be a big decision so I want to make it easier for you to do that and put your mind at ease.

By giving you access to a foundation training for a low price, you can get a taster of what it is like without having to make a big commitment in time or money. You can relax and learn without pressure.

  1. £99 puts this information and knowledge in the hands of virtually everyone – from people on low income, to those who are already well paid.
  1. It helps me filter out the freebie-seekers. I only want people who are serious about helping others and making a full or part-time career out of it. In my experience, charging anything – even £1 or so – gets rid of 99% of the time wasters.

I also believe that this will whet your appetite for more … and maybe … just maybe … you’ll join me on the Full Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Practitioner Diploma Course where you will get full access to everything you need to become a Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner and launch a well-paid, full or part-time career.

But that’s it.

No small print. No hidden trials. Just access to the information you need and the outcome you want.

How long will it take to get access to the training? +


I will send your login and access details to the email you provide. Once logged in there is a video explaining how to use the training materials and navigate around the members area.

Is there a guarantee? +

Yes … this training has a 60-day no questions asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. I obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

Will I really be able to hypnotise people? +

Yes. Obviously this course is not designed to take you to full practitioner level – that is what the Full Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Course is for – but you will be able to carry out hypnotic inductions using the scripts provided, and give hypnotic suggestions for reducing anxiety and boosting confidence. Know anybody who could do with a dose of that …?

Can I upgrade to the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course? +

Yes. Any time you wish you can upgrade to the full Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner training, and, as a Foundation Member, you’ll get VIP access rights on any discounts or offers we are running. This is the natural first step.


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