A Day In The Life Of A Hypnotherapist – Sunday

As I write this, today is Sunday and I am actually away on holiday with my family in Devon (we are staying in a beautiful Yurt owned by my sister).

However, running my own business there are often still things on my mind, so I have sneaked off for an hour or so to check on a few projects.

For the past hour or so I have been:[list style=”Check2blue2″]

    • Checking in on emails for new client enquiries
    • Following up on a few appointments from last week that I want to make sure are sorted out properly for when I get back.
    • Answering some questions on the upcoming Diploma course & taster day.
    • Providing some information to a new affiliate who wants to market one of my hypnosis recordings (he does all the work and pays me 30% of the sales fee – lovely!)
    • Communicating with my personal assistant (who lives in Costa Rica) on a number of projects, including testing out some brand new Facebook advertising, some hypnosis research from 1990 and setting up of  a new website.
    • Communicating with my techie website guy (who lives in Malaysia) over a technical issue with access to the members area of one of my other hypnosis products.
    • Putting a note in the diary for a one-day refresher course for my previous students – I want to keep them motivated to do well and be successful.

I am telling you all this to show you that there are many options available to you when you ‘know’ hypnosis:[list style=”Check2blue2″]

  • Private Practice.
  • Specialising (Sports, Eating Disorders, Weight Loss, Public Speaking)
  • Hypnosis Products – Cd’s and downloads.
  • Online Courses
  • … and more.
You don’t  have to do all this and you can start very simply – but once you have the Knowledge, you can use it however you wish.

And in case you are wondering “Why am I working on a Sunday, on holiday?”, the answer is …

I’m not. This isn’t work, I enjoy it. And I actually get quite grumpy if I don’t get an hour or so to myself to do this each day (as my children will tell you).

Helping people, creating products, coming up with new ideas is fun – and I get paid well for it – and can work from almost anywhere, if I choose.

I’ll be explaining more about all these options and of course teaching you how to do this in detail on the Fully Accredited Practitioner Level Diploma Course Starting soon! .

If you have any questions or comments, (including difficulty with any of the dates) please do so below …

OR if you want to grab one of the last few spaces, you can do so here…


I Look forward to hearing from you,

With best wishes,

Andrew Parr

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