1-Day Masterclass In Complete Stop Smoking Therapy

With Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Andrew Parr

Add to your knowledge, increase your success, boost your business

Become A Stop Smoking Expert With This "Complete Stop Smoking" Programme

1-Day Intensive Masterclass In Andrew Parr's "Complete Stop Smoking Therapy"

Who: This course is designed for anyone with an interest in becoming an expert at helping people stop smoking.

A basic knowledge of hypnotherapy and hypnosis is required for full impact, but it will be extremely useful for hypnotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and any other practitioner who wishes to add to their skill set and improve the results they get with clients.

What: This course will teach you Andrew's own unique approach to Stop Smoking, developed over 25 years of private practice.

Why: Studies show that Stop Smoking With Hypnosis success rates are very low, around the 35% mark. But this can be greatly increased up to 80%-90% in ONE session, when you PREPARE the client in a very special way (and it is not what most people think).

You should attend this course if you want to become a Stop Smoking expert, so that you can deliver outstanding results and greatly increase the referrals and follow-on income you receive.

When: 11 th November 2018

Where: Ashdown Park Hotel Spa & Country Club, Wych Cross, East Sussex RH18 5JR

CPD: Yes

Credits: This course counts as valid CPD and will earn you 8 hours credits towards your 120 hours classroom time required for CNHC accreditation.

Fee: £250

Discount: Book 2 Masterclasses and get the second at half price (click button below for details).

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IMPORTANT: You Need To Read This ...

Tell any member of the public that you are a hypnotherapist and one of the most common responses you receive may be something along the lines of, "Do you stop people smoking?"

And for years, hypnotherapists have quoted on their websites the New Scientist article of 1992, stating that, of all the methods studied in the largest ever meta-analysis of trials,  "Hypnotherapy was the most effective treatment for quitting smoking".

What they don't always advertise is that the success rate was only around 35% or so!!

I found this out for myself soon after going into practice, back in 1992 ... when rather too many people were taking me up on my offer of a free follow-up session.

Stop Smoking hypnosis as taught by most people and practiced by most hypnotherapists is very hit and miss and can give us a bad name when it's a miss. So I decided to find the ultimate way to help someone quit smoking ... using hypnosis, hypnotherapy or by whichever appropriate method that actually worked.

After years of reading, studying, attending other peoples courses and implementing what I learned on my own clients, I finally developed a system of my own, tried and tested over many years, that I now call, "Complete Stop Smoking Therapy".

It gets great results - up in the 80-90% success after one session! And great referrals!

On this one-day Masterclass you will will learn the essential theory behind the technique, get insight into the successes and failures I went through to get to this point ... and learn the Complete Stop Smoking Therapy protocol for yourself.

You will also have the chance to put it to the test right away on an outside volunteer in the class if you wish.

Being able to help people stop smoking is as much in demand today as it ever was - and super important for your success and confidence. For example, one client who came to see me for stop smoking recently, went on to refer her mother and a friend for the same, plus someone else for an emotional issue; the mother and friend, in turn referred others - all within the space of about a month - from one successful stop smoking client.

Typically, you should be able to charge £150+ for a Complete Stop Smoking Session, lasting anything from 60-90 minutes, but fees are up to you.

This will be a fascinating and rewarding day and I will also give you ideas and suggestions on how to market and promote yourself.

Class sizes are limited to ensure quality of teaching. Click below to reserve your place:

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