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The Best Hypnotherapy Training


Muhammed Ali was often heard saying “I am the greatest” and when challenged on his arrogance would say,

“It ain’t arrogance if you can back it up!”

So to say this is the Best Hypnotherapy Training Course you will find – is that arrogance? Or can I also back it up …

Read this and then decide …

When I started putting together this course, it was quite a challenge deciding what to put in, what to cover, what to include, etc.

So here’s what I did rather cheekily …

I downloaded a copy of every prospectus there is available from every accredited training school in the UK.

I then made a list of everything that everybody else was teaching. As long as I taught what was on that list, no-one coming to my training would ever miss out on anything!

Finally I had to section it up into modules that could be learned, practised and integrated into your knowledge and experience.

And that is the document that will form the basis of this training course.

What Does This Mean For You?

Although there will be an emphasis on my own unique system for helping people, based on more than 20 years in private practice, you can rest assured that no-one else will be teaching anything else that you can’t get here.

[hilight color=”FFFF00″]If you want a comprehensive, multi-faceted, but very, very practical approach to hypnotherapy – this is it![/hilight]

Is it arrogance? Is it cheeky? I don’t know.

I just want you to know as much as possible on how to help people because, contrary to what some might wish for, people have a habit of being different!

Sometimes, you will need radically different approaches depending upon whom you are dealing with.

By all means become an expert at your preferred type of ‘hypnotherapy’ – but – I want to make sure you know what to do when that way just isn’t the best thing for someone.

If you want to be a Successful Hypnotherapist, you have to help your clients produce successful outcomes.

Is this the best hypnotherapy training course for that?

Well, it’s certainly the most comprehensive.

From Suggestion, to Regression, to Positive Psychology, to Meditation, to Inner Child, Inner Chimps, Subconscious, Unconscious, Super Conscious, Mind-Over-Body,  Mind Out-Of-Body and more – this will be an amazing adventure in learning and experience, and give you the most amazing skills for life.

How you use them is up to you, but if you want to use it to set up – or expand – in practice and make a good living, either full or part-time, we’ll show you precisely how to do that as well.

“Hypnotherapy Training” is the label – but there is so much more…

It all starts very soon so if you don’t want to miss out, click below to continue …


Any questions, please just ask.

With best wishes,

Andrew Parr

Director Of Training.


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