How To Make Successful Hypnosis Recordings

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[Part 4] How To Get Everything You Need To Make, Sell & Deliver Audio Recordings Automatically ... Completely Free Of Charge"

If you've been following this 4-part mini-series on How To Make Successful Hypnosis Recordings, so far you know ...

[Part 1] The Magical Benefit of A Free Gift ... and

[Part 2] How To Use Hypnosis Recordings To Boost Your Client Success Rates  ... plus

[Part 3] How To Use Hypnosis Recordings To Create Extra Income (Even Whilst You Sleep)

Today in this lesson we are going to reveal the 3 essential pieces of software you can use to actually implement all of this ... completely free of charge.

3 Items Of "Software" You Can Use To Make, Sell & Deliver Audio Recordings Automatically ... Completely Free Of Charge ... & From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

  • Free Audio Recording Software

In years gone by, to make a high quality, multi-track recording (ie voice + music + backing tracks, as opposed to just one voice) you would need an expensive studio set-up, and it would be recorded onto tape.

Nowadays, we can use digital recording systems straight to a computer or laptop - with incredibly high quality sound.

When I worked as a freelance sound engineer, I used a system called Pro Tools. That, along with another one called Logic, are really the "industry standard".

However, they are quite expensive and quite complicated.

For the purposes here, where we only want to record a voice, add some music and perhaps a few sound effects ... there is a fantastic piece of software called Audacity that works in a similar way.

However, Audacity is much simpler to use ... and completely free. You can even download it here, right now ...

With Audacity you can record using your built in pc/mac/laptop microphone - the same one you might use for Skype or Facetime. Or you can buy external "USB Mics" that plug straight into your computer.

I use one called The Blue Yeti (yes, I know it's white!), as it is pretty good and very reasonably priced.

With a Mic + Audacity + A Quiet Room ... you can make super high quality digital recordings.

[Note: The great thing about digital recording software like Audacity is it is incredibly EASY to edit out mistakes, coughs and any unwanted sounds!]

And if you want to add some backing music ... you just drag the audio file in, on a separate track and adjust the volume.

Once you have ...

(a) recorded what you want to say

(b) removed any unwanted bits

(c) added any backing music ...

... you then "export" the whole thing as an mp3 file to give away, share or sell on a website.

  • Deliver The Recording For Free To Prospects, Clients Or Online Customers

Once you have your MP3 file of your recording, you need to be able to give or send that to people. There are many ways to do this but one I would recommend for being easy ... and FREE ... is Dropbox Basic.

Use this link ... but be sure to scroll down and choose the FREE basic plan.


(1) Create an account

(2) Upload your recording

(3) Share the recordings "Dropbox Link".

Whoever you share that link with, will now be able to play the recording online or download it to any device such as a phone, ipad or PC. Simple, fast ... and FREE.

You can send this link direct via email or text ... or put the link on a website where people can download for free ... or after making a purchase. The simplicity is that you upload it once ... and that is it.

  • Sell Recordings Using a "Paypal" Account.

Most people will be aware of or used paypal at some point. Maybe you've bought something off Ebay? Or perhaps even sold something there too? And even if not, you will most likely have seen Paypal "BUY NOW" buttons here and there that look like this ...

If you don't already have one, you can create a FREE Paypal account here ...

Then you go to the "My Buttons" tab and follow the instructions to create a button - it is very simple, with step-by-step instructions and Paypal will then give you a Button Code which you put on your website.

Here's how it works to sell a recording:

SALES PAGE - has a description of your product and the BUY NOW button.

BUY NOW Button - has a "Thank You" page included in the code.

THANK YOU PAGE - has the Dropbox link to deliver the recording.

The customer visits your Sales Page and clicks the Buy Now button ... the button automatically transfers the customer to Paypal where they can enter their details ... and then automatically transfers them back to your website ... but this time to your Thank You Page ... where they can access the recording ... automatically.

Once it is set up, you don't have to do anything and it can run 24 hours a day.


So that's it really.

  • Make your recording for FREE using Audacity
  • Deliver your recording for FREE using Dropbox (or similar)
  • Sell your recording for FREE using Paypal (less paypal sales commission of 2.5% ish)

NEXT: Get On With It ... OR ...

Ready To Make Your First Recording But Want Me To "Hold Your Hand" (or "Mouse") Through The Whole Process?

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  • Download & Install Audacity
  • Teach You How To Use Audacity EASILY
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  • Create & Set Up Dropbox
  • Share your first Recording On Dropbox
  • Send The Link To Someone & Test They Have Received It
  • Create A Paypal Account
  • Create A Working Buy Now button?
  • Make a Test Purchase Of Your First Recording
  • Feel Pretty Pleased With Yourself 🙂