How To Make Successful Hypnosis Recordings

With Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Andrew Parr

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[Part 3] How To Use Hypnosis Recordings To Create Extra Income (Even Whilst You Sleep)

We've discussed using recordings for building rapport with prospective clients [part1] ... and we've looked at using recordings to help those clients get greater results once they commit to treatment [part 2] ...

Today in this lessons we are going to look at creating audio recordings that you can sell and deliver automatically ... making you money whilst you sleep.

Here are 3 essential tips for you to consider when thinking about offering recordings for sale on a website or other medium:

3 Essential Tips For Making Recordings To Sell & Create Extra Income:

  • Keep the subject matter specific to one topic

In Part 2 we discussed the benefit of this therapeutically, but this is also extremely important when creating a recording to sell.

Potential customers will want to see their "pain" clearly identified - along wth the idea of a solution, and will be far less likely to "buy" if it is mixed up with something else.

E.g. Instead of one recording on "Stress, Energy & Memory Improvement", separate out to:

"Reduce Your Stress".

"Boost Your Energy"

"Enhance Your Memory"

Discount when you buy all 3!

  • Make the buying process simple, with automatic delivery

Most of us are impatient when internet browsing, as we are used to things being there instantly, now, now, now!

We need to find what we are looking for quickly and easily and for it to work smoothly. Most of your potential customers will feel the same. Here are a couple of tips to help wth that:

(a) Use a simple, clear BUY NOW type button.

(b) Make the delivery AUTOMATIC - you don't want to have to email it to them every time.

It should be:

Buy Button => Payment =>Delivered Instantly.

This can then run 24 hrs a day (even while you sleep!).

(c) TEST to make sure it works.

Although it sounds obvious, you really do need to make a test purchase and ideally, get someone else to. Don't give them any extra instructions other than directing them to the page where your BUY NOW button is.

And then see how they get on. Just watch how they act on the page.

So many times I have set things up, thinking it is obvious what needs to happen ... and then the users go and do something completely different, because I have been ambiguous or accidentally misleading in some way.

Test, test, TEST! Especially if you are about to start promoting to it ...

  • Elevate the "recording" customer to a client

Even though this recording is designed to help the customer with their issue in some way, there will always be some who can benefit from a more personal interaction, and who will want extra help.

People who buy recordings from you are also prospective clients, so remember to apply the same principles as you would with the "Free Gift" recording.

At the end of the recording, be sure to add in a statement that allows for this and make it easy for the customer to contact you, with the intention of become a paying client.


"I hope you have enjoyed this recording and found it useful, if ever you need any extra help, do feel free to get in touch on [...]."

NEXT: Now we know what to put on each of the three types of recordings, the next steps are to actually implement this practically so that you can ...

  • Make the recording
  • Sell the recording (if you want)
  • Deliver the recording automatically (either after a purchase or as a gift).

Look out for a message tomorrow explaining how you can get all the software to do this ... completely free of charge.

[Part 4] How To Get Everything You Need To Make, Sell & Deliver Audio Recordings Automatically ... Completely Free Of Charge"