How To Make Successful Hypnosis Recordings

With Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Andrew Parr

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[Part 2] How to Use Hypnosis Recordings To Boost Your Client Success Rates

There's been an ongoing debate among practising therapists over whether you should provide recordings to your clients.

One one side we have:

Recordings are great for extra support between sessions, boosting effectiveness of sessions and giving support after the sessions are completed.

On the other side we have:

Recordings create dependency, can take the place of a face to face and so reduce business, or mean the client has a lesser benefit if not tailored to their situation.

Personally, I think each have valid points but, used correctly, recordings can be a fantastic addition to your therapeutic offering, boost results for clients and in turn, help boost the success of your business.

Here are 3 essential tips for you to consider when thinking about offering recordings to clients (either for sale or for free).

3 Essential Tips For Creating Recordings For Clients

  • Keep pre-recorded "suggestion" recordings focused on one topic

In a one-to-one session you can often cover many different issues and topics with a client, if handled in the right way, but in a recording this can be confusing.

If we are looking for focussed attention on an idea, make the recording around 15-20 minutes in length (easier to fit into the day) and focussed on one particular issue or topic.

This focussed attention is more likely to create the result you are seeking.

  • Include "action steps" as part of the recording

Research (which I cannot find the reference to right now!) showed that patients who were given a 3-Step advice leaflet after visiting their GP were much more likely to follow that advice than patients who were given none.

In your recording, incorporate 3 action steps - things you would like your client to do - that they can fit into their day easily and effortlessly, that will help with their progress.

And make the recording itself equivalent to a medical prescription. "Use once a day for the next 10 days and then as required" or whatever is appropriate.

Simple, easy to apply actions can be extremely effective at embedding new ideas and establishing new behaviours.

  • Include a "Release From Use" statement in the recording

To me, the aim of all therapy should be to help the client become self sufficient and able to function in the world without reliance on their therapist (or a recording thereof).

When you make a recording, consider adding in a "Release From Use" statement that eventually sets the client free from "needing" to use the recording.

E.g. "And eventually, as these words stay with, and my voice becomes your own inner voice, you find you need this recording less and less, until one day you can leave it behind, in the past ... and move on wth your life now, feeling comfortable, confident and free". (Or something like that).

Here are a few other Do's & Don'ts to consider:

DO consider making personalised recordings ... ie with the clients name included. These can be recorded live in a session ... or recorded separately ... or you can have a standard recording onto which you "drop in" the clients name, which saves you having to record the whole thing each time.

DON'T give the client recordings of highly charged emotional regression sessions (unless they specifically ask for them, of course). With regression to cause and abreactions, you really want the issue resolved and left in the past ... I would be very reluctant to have a client replay over such an event again and again for fear of perpetuating the trauma.

DO make the recordings about support in between sessions ... or after sessions have finished (remember the Release From Use statement).

DON'T make them as a replacement for your sessions ...

DO include a, "and if you need any extra help, always feel free to get in touch" type statement (as long as it is genuine ... ie "if" not "when"!

I hope you find those useful, and do look our for part 3 coming soon ...

Coming Soon ... [Part 3] "How to Use Hypnosis Recordings To Make Money While You Sleep"