How To Make Successful Hypnosis Recordings

With Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Andrew Parr

Add to your knowledge, increase your success, boost your business

[Part 1] The Magical Benefit Of A Free Gift

Back in 1992 when I first started out in private practice as hypnotherapist, I put together a free information pack for prospective clients. It contained:

  • A covering letter (on nice paper).
  • A brochure (on nice paper).
  • An audio cassette.

The audio cassette contained an introductory chat,  revealing some of the ways that hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help them, followed by a short Relaxation Recording so they could experience hypnosis for themselves.

Many people said that when they finally got to make an appointment with me, they felt like they already knew me because of listening to that recording. It had been a great rapport builder, and greatly enhanced the ease and success of the session when we finally met face to face … PLUS  helped them choose me over someone else!

Nowadays, it is much easier (and a lot cheaper!) to make and distribute such recordings, compared to back then ...  but they are still a great way to build rapport with clients, and entice them to take you up on an offer.

Here are 3 essential tips to bear in mind when making "Free Gift" recordings for building rapport  and building your business:

3 Essential Tips For "Free Gift" Recordings

  • Keep them to about 20 minutes in length

You want the recording to be long enough to give the listener a real benefit ... but not so long that they don't have time to listen and so it never gets played.

Most people can find 15 - 20 minutes somewhere in their day. Far less can set aside 40 - 60 minutes.

15 - 20 minutes is also a nice amount of relaxation time - and people will gain benefit just by slowing down or taking time out for this period.

  • Make them informative and useful ... but not too useful!

The aim of the recording should be to ethically help lower resistance in the prospective clients mind so that they are more likely to take a desired action.

The prospective client will have both spoken and unspoken questions - including fears and anxieties - about making an appointment with you or paying for your services or products. The recording should help address those in simple, non-technical language, with no jargon.

A simple 10 minutes explanation of how hypnosis works and the kind of conditions you treat, is very effective - as long as you avoid any "salesy" talk. Just keep it informative and useful.

Then offer the chance to experience hypnosis and go into a very simple relaxation type induction. After about 10 minutes, or the point where they are typically very relaxed, make a simple statement such as,

... "and at this point this is where we would begin the therapy ... but for now just take a few moments to relax and then I am going to count from 1 to 3 so that you can return to your normal awareness".

It should be a teaser trailer ... not the whole film so we don't need to go and see it!

  • Include a clear and definite "Call To Action"

The aim of this recording is to encourage the listener to book an appointment, enrol on a course or take you up on an offer in some way. But they won't necessarily do that unless you ask them or tell them.

At the end of the recording include something like ...

"I hope you found this useful and informative, and if you would like to come along for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and suitability for treatment, in more detail, do email [...] or call on [...]. And if you have any questions, please do just ask. Thanks for listening, [your name].

If you follow these 3 tips and make the whole recording a relaxing experience, the listener will begin to bond with you and build a certain sense of connection or obligation even.

You have given them a gift ... and they have accepted it. And the Law Of Reciprocity will be at play, whereby they will want to give something back ...

Coming Soon ... [Part 2] How to Use Hypnosis Recordings To Boost Success Rates With Clients