A Day In The Life Of A Hypnotherapist – Mondays

A Day In The Life Of A Hypnotherapist – “MONDAY”


I love Mondays.

Lots of people get a sinking feeling on a Sunday evening because they think about work on a Monday.

I wanted to avoid that so I make Mondays just for me. That way I can ease into my week gently and feel on top form when I see clients.

Monday Mornings

I tend to get up early – often very early – so that I can do at least an hour or two of work before I get my children up for school.

Doing this means I am much more relaxed with them, and can enjoy taking time with them, instead of rushing and hurrying because there is something on my mind I want/need to get done.

I rarely see clients on a Monday, though I may however occasionally do a Skype Client Session or run a Webinar in the evening.

(By the way, yes, you can do Hypnotherapy via Skype – to anywhere in the world – and yes, I will be teaching about that on the course).

The first working hour or so of each day, especially early morning,  for me is spent writing or working on a new project. There are so many areas you can apply this knowledge to, and I find that when I first get up is my most creative time, so before I look at any emails or anything else, I spend an hour or so writing a few pages or chapter of whatever I am currently working on. Whether it be a book, new CD series, Manual for something, whatever.

Once I have taken my children to school and been for a run or walk with my dogs (good time for creative thinking & some self-hypnosis), then I take care of all the email enquiries that have stacked up over the weekend, along with all the follow-ups I need to sort out from the previous weeks clients.

These two often take up the rest of the morning until I take a break for lunch.


Monday afternoons are usually spent back on projects.

As I have said before, when you learn the Hypnosis I am offering, you are not tied to a clinic room with one person at a time, paying a per session fee; you are completely free to use that knowledge in whichever way you choose.

You can run …

  • Day/Weekend Workshops
  • Online Courses
  • Live Webinars (seminars on the web)

You can sell …

  • Downloadable self-hypnosis recordings.
  • Mail Order Self-hypnosis Cd’s
  • Personal Development Training CD’s or DVD’s.

… and more.

On the Hypnotherapy training course, I’ll tell you how to go about doing all these as well.

I have a Personal Assistant who handles lots of the admin side of things for me and she is whizz with Google, Facebook and all that side of the business, so Monday afternoons I may make a plan with her about what she is going to do for me for the week or month ahead.

I’ve never met her, she lives in Costa Rica and we communicate via email, Instant Messenger, Skype or whatever. She is fantastic and takes care of all the bits that she is good at, leaving me to do the bits that I am good at.

(Remember, it IS a business. Even though you are helping people, you HAVE to run it as a business – this is where so many people fail, but I want the people on my course to succeed. When you come on the course I will also give you the contact details of all the people I use).

Late Monday afternoons my children will usually appear back from school demanding attention so I may go and kick a ball around with them or something like that.

Early Monday evening I might check in on the emails to make sure that all is set up OK for the week, but that is it, unless I am running a one-off Webinar or something like that.

So that’s my typical Monday. A bit of admin, but mostly quite a relaxed, creative day to myself working on interesting projects.

Tuesday is a Two-Clinic day for me so I’ll tell you about that in the next article.

If you have any questions at all, please do just ask.


With best wishes,

Andrew Parr
Director Of Training

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