A Day In The Life Part – Tuesdays

A Day In The Life Of A Hypnotherapist – Tuesday

Tuesdays I Typically Work At Two Local Clinics

Tuesday Morning (Every other week)

At the moment,  I am at the River Clinic In Lewes, East Sussex, every other Tuesday morning.

I start around 8 am or 9 am and finish there around 1 pm, allowing 4 or 5 hours of client appointments.

It’s a beautiful little clinic run by lovely people, owned by two osteopaths. Good osteopaths are great people to get in with because they have an enormous throughput of clients, many of whom will pick up your leaflet or brochure.

They will also often send you direct referrals from their own clients.

When I finish in Lewes at 1 pm, I just about have time to grab a sandwich and drive across to my other local clinic in Forest Row, ready to start at 2 pm.

Tuesday Afternoon (Every Week)

Also owned by a successful local osteopath, The Riverside Practice in Forest Row, East Sussex is a beautiful little multi-disciplinary clinic (Osteopath, Acupuncture, Massage, etc), with a large throughput of other clients and patients – all of whom are potential clients for me as well.

So on a busy day, I can often start at 8 am and work until 1 pm in Lewes, then drive to Forest Row ready to start the afternoon session at 2 pm, and work straight through until early evening, allowing up to 11 hours of clients in that day.

Income-wise, that can generate me 11 x £85 = £935 for the day. It’s a long day, but I like doing that, as I get into ‘the zone’ more. Plus it is good money.

Typical Case Histories

Looking over the diary for the past few Tuesdays, here are some examples of the kind of areas I have been helping people with:

Anorexia –



Weight Loss


Public Speaking Confidence

Nail Biting

Chronic Back Trouble

Grief (loss of close family member)

Childhood Trauma

Fear Of Flying


Chronic Fatigue

Binge Eating

Business Success

 Some of these treatments involved just one or two visits; others required an ongoing course of sessions.

I should point out that I NEVER use ‘scripts’ and each session is tailored to the individual every single time. On the course I will teach you how Hypnosis Scripts are really only useful when you are first learning, and can be dispensed with very quickly once you get practising.

(In case you are unfamiliar with the phrases, many hypnotherapy schools will teach you how to put someone in Hypnosis and then provide a list of scripts that you read to them. Sometimes these will be beneficial, but they do not allow for the great differences and variations between individuals).

I want to teach you how to help somebody wherever you are and whatever the situation; you don’t ever want to be thinking, “I can’t help because I don’t have a script for that” – that would be extremely lacking in your training.

I want you to feel confident in yourself and your abilities so that you know how to analyse a clients needs in a few minutes and then begin to tailor the treatment to suit.

When you open your door to a new client on a Tuesday morning, for example, I want you to feel that you don’t need to know what they are coming for, and you don’t even need to prepare. I want you to feel fully able to deal with it on the spot and know how to begin a positive treatment.

So that is a typical Tuesday for me, but for you it will be whatever you want it to be.

You may choose to work from home, or you may rent a room in a clinic for a day or half day or choose a completely different model.

As you can see, on Tuesdays I rent two ‘half-days’ in two different clinics as that gives me the most flexibility and the greatest probability of filling all the time slots on each session.

Wednesdays I work in London Harley Street and I’ll tell you what that’s like and how you can set up there as well, in the next article.

If you have any questions at all, please do just ask.


With best wishes,

Andrew Parr
Director Of Training

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