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7 Great Reasons For Becoming A Hypnotherapist ...

"What I love most is helping people to become themselves".

- Andrew Parr, PHHT Founder, 25 Years Experience, 15,870 + Hypnosis Sessions ...

If you like the idea of helping people live a healthier and more balanced life, hypnotherapy can be a very rewarding career. Hypnotherapy Practitioners use a mixture of standard therapy and hypnosis to work with clients to bring about a change in behaviour or way of thinking, allowing people to overcome a wide range of conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety & addictions, as well as break old habits, provide natural pain relief or increase performance in sports and business.

There is a growing demand for Hypnotherapy Practitioners from the general public plus increasing referrals from GPs and private health insurers. There are opportunities for work in a variety of settings including private clinics, sports, business and private practice.

Here are 7 great reasons why people choose to become Hypnotherapy Practitioners:

  • No.1 Enormously Rewarding Career

    Working as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner is extremely rewarding. Clients will often come to you after they have tried everything else, including doctors, medicine, psychiatrists, counselling, psychotherapy, CBT and more.

    It is an amazing experience to be the one who finally helps someone change or overcome a challenging situation and creating “miracles on demand” is part of daily life for most hypnotherapists.

    Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it can be challenging – but when those “Thank you – you changed my life”, messages come in and you hear the stories of how people have overcome great difficulties with your help, and solved problems that previously seemed insurmountable, you feel enormous job satisfaction.

  • No. 2 High Level Income Potential

    Hypnotherapists are usually self-employed and so set their own pay rates. Typically this is by the hour or day and actual rates vary considerably depending upon experience, location and the type of clients you are working with. Typical hourly rates are in the region of £50 to £150 per hour but can be £250+ per hour for specialist treatments.

    As with any business, it takes time to get established and it is important to make adequate financial planning, but start-up costs are fairly low and can be scaled as the business grows.

    It is possible to start earning even whilst still a student, but it will typically take at least 3 – 6 months to build a regular income. However, the opportunities and possibilities are there for anyone willing to put the work in and do what is required.

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  • No. 3 Set Your Own Hours

    As a self-employed Hypnotherapy Practitioner you can set your own hours and meet your clients according to your own preference and availability. There is no boss who will dictate what time you need to come and go from your workplace.

    Whether you wish to see clients in the evenings, at weekends, part-time 1 or 2 days a week or whilst the children are at school; or whether you wish to build a full-time career, the hours are up to you.

    Many people also choose hypnotherapy as a career in later life to fit in with retirement, and the flexible hours come in handy there too.

  • No. 4 Start Helping People In Months, Not Years.

    The Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Practitioner training enables you to launch or expand your business in months, rather than years and you can actually start seeing clients whilst still a student.

    The QUALITY of training you receive is extremely high; there is no padding and the entire training is geared around helping you gain real practical knowledge and real practical experience.

    When people who have been on counselling or psychotherapy courses come to us and discover the results our students achieve and in such a short space of time, they are often saddened that they spent so many years in their previous studies. Similarly with students from some other hypnotherapy courses.

  • No. 5 Your Own Business With Very Low Start-Up Required

    For many people, running their own business is purely a dream but as a hypnotherapist you make this come true. Although cost should not be the primary factor when choosing, it is good to know that many people recoup their investment within the first 6 months of practice. 

    There are some start-up costs to consider on top of the training, such as room rental & advertising, but these can be kept small and scaled as your business grows.

    Hypnotherapy training fees are a low-risk investment for the gains available – a flexible and rewarding career at an affordable price in a relatively short period of time.

  • No. 6 Work Always Available

    Economies may rise and fall but people always seem to need help so there is always work available.

    Of course setting up and running a business to get that work is not easy – if it was, everyone would do it – and being self-employed can take some adjustment if you are used to being employed with a regular salary landing in your bank account each month, so some good financial planning is required.

    But once you master the art of attracting new clients at a profit and master the skills required to get results for those clients, your services become in great demand and, with time, a steady stream of clients (and income) follows.

    Anywhere there are people, or you have access to people, there is work available for you (even via Skype nowadays).

  • No. 7 Experience Amazing Phenomena & Mind-Miracles Daily

    The stutterer suddenly being able to speak fluently; a 20-year eating disorder disappearing overnight; a sexual problem being finally resolved, saving an otherwise happy and loving marriage. 

    The human mind is amazing and as Hypnotherapy Practitioner you get to witness and experience it’s power first hand every day. No longer do you need to feel helpless in critical situations in people’s lives – including friends and family – now you get to be a part of the solution.

    From those suffering with illness to those with anxiety or poor performance, you get a chance to make an enormous impact. Once you experience hypnotic phenomena first hand, you will never think about life in the same way again. Fascinating, exciting and extremely rewarding.

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